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Envelopes – An Important Element of Business Stationery

The image of a business and the impression that it makes on its customers, partners and suppliers are very important. Many businesses focuses on the larger things to create a good brand image and to make a good impression; however, the key to creating a good brand image lies in details and in the smaller things which add a personal touch to everything done by the business. Business stationery is an example of a small but very critical aspect of a company which can greatly affect its image if done properly. The personality of a company should be seen through the type of stationery that it uses. This means that it should reflect what the company does and what it stands for. The two most important aspects of business stationery are: the letterhead and the envelopes. While most companies place a lot of time and effort on their letterheads, very few pay attention to the envelopes even though the envelopes are very significant.

So why exactly are envelopes so significant? Most people think of envelopes are simply the carriers or the packaging in which real relevant materials are sent. It is true that envelopers are containers for invoices, quotations, letters, brochures, catalogs and bills but they are more than that. They are the first thing that the recipient sees and so they create the first impression so it is very important that you not only choose the right type of envelope but that you place the time and effort into making it as unique as possible so that it reflects you and your business.

Philips Printers - The Place for Custom-made Envelopes 

We at Philips Printers specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of envelopes to add that extra element to your business communication. The great thing about us in comparison to others is that we create the envelopes that we sell which means that we can create just about any size, design or style that you want. If what we offer on our website does not satisfy your needs or requirements, all you need to do is get into contact with us and let us know what you need and we will have it custom-made just for you. We can place multiple windows on the envelope for you, we can alter the shape and size and we can print on any type of paper or in any color that you desire.

In addition, we can have anything pre-printed on the envelope for you such as:

The Name of Your Company

The Contact Details of Your Company

A Return Address

Your Logo

Your Slogan

These might seem like little details and you may be wondering why you should spend time, effort and money on customizing your envelopes but trust us when we say that these little tweaks will make a huge difference in improving your image, making a mark and standing out.

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Please note that we do not only offer business envelopes. We also offer a huge variety of personal envelopes that can be used for wedding and anniversary invitations as well as personal letters. Choose from the categories below and place your order.


Here is what some of our satisfied clients have said about our envelopes.

Richard C. Sheppard
Geo Gazette

Our business envelops for the Christmas season looked remarkable. We were in love with the design and quality and could not wait to send them to our clients. Thank you guys for the free delivery! 

Mabel D. Guy
Fit Tonic

Thank you for all the great information that you sent to us regarding custom-printing our envelopes. The service we have received so far from you guys has been exceptional. You can expect our order very soon.

Jane J. Longley

I recently got married and wanted everything about my wedding to be unique so I tried to customize everything as far as possible. Thank you guys for doing such a great job with my wedding invitation envelopes. You really understood my requirements and did a great job.